feeling a little camera shy? That's okay!

I promise to guide you through your session!

Believe me when I say there is no room for nerves when you book with me! If you are feeling up for it, I will absolutely let you take the reins for your session! Not sure how to feel? Great! I have so many ideas we can work with. Have certain poses in mind that you'd like to try? Done! Undecided on outfits? Bring both! I strive to make these sessions as fun and as memorable as possible, and I want to deliver photos that you'll love! I hope to hear from you!

Contact me

Below are the steps to my photography process!

01: Fill out my contact form

Fill out my form with any ideas for a photo shoot you have, questions about travel, any questions or concerns in general, and quite literally anything else you want to add!

02: Pick out your location

Is there a specific park or place that comes to mind when you think of photos? If not, I can always help decide if you're unsure!

03: Pick your season

Are you a winter lover? Or more of the summer type? You pick the season and we will go from there!

04: Pick the date

We will work together to determine the perfect time and date for your session!

05: Pick out your outfit(s)

Feel free to bring along an extra outfit if you aren't able to decide on just one! Coordinating outfits can sometimes be a challenge, but I am here if you need any recommendations or ideas!

06: Photo day!!

We meet at our coordinated time and place and have the best time taking photos! Payment is accepted prior to photos beginning. After photos are completed, I will have them back to you within two weeks! Possibly even sooner depending on how my schedule looks around that time!

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